Enda Connolly

Enda Connolly (son of Michael Connolly) together with his wife Helen are both from the area of Gortnawinne, Clones, Co Monaghan. Indeed Enda was brought up on the family farm of a Enda Martin Connolly  2 sizeable 230 acres that he now manages with his parents. 

They have 2 children Caitlin and Erin. The family have been supplying Manor Farm since 1988. Enda does all the day to day running of the poultry farm now, but his parents still help out when he needs them.

Enda has been involved in chickens full time since 1981 but he has been helping his parents since his early teens. He has always enjoyed working on the farm and has been interested in growing chickens since he was young.  Apart from raising excellent quality chickens Enda has a suckler herd and feeds the calves until they are finished to beef. They also buy in store cattle and finish to beef.  Enda is also in the process of planting 20 acres of trees.

A typical day for Enda starts at 7.15 every morning and the first thing he does is go straight to the chicken houses. He comes back to the house at 8.30 to let Helen go to work. He has breakfast and then leaves Caitlin and Erin to school. He then returns to the farm and carries out all the general farm work until 6.30 in the evening. Then he spends the rest of the evening with his family and helping Helen with things around the house. The last thing he does before going to bed is checking on the chickens to make sure all is ok.

Outside of farming Enda enjoys GAA but wakeboarding is his favourite sport. Wakeboarding is like snowboarding only on water.  He says that there is nothing he likes more than getting out on his boat on a Sunday afternoon and wakeboarding with family and friends.

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