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Welcome to our Chicken website. I'm Vincent Carton, part of the 8th generation of our Irish family company. We have been producing Manor farm Chicken in Ireland for 240 years. All you need to know about chicken & chicken recipes is in here so come in and enjoy.

Recipe Buddy

Chicken Mince

The Manor Farm team have been hard at work developing the highest quality chicken mince, Made from 100% Irish chicken breast fillet. Chicken mince is a low-fat alternative to your regular mince and can be used for all your favourite mince recipes like spaghetti bolognese, lasagne, tacos, meatballs and many more.

Get €1 off our delicious Chicken Mince.

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About Manor Farm

From the hustle and bustle of the poultry market on Manor Street, in Dublin’s North Inner City, to the rich green pastures of County Cavan, we’ve been at the forefront of great tasting Irish chicken.

We’re proud of our poultry tradition, after all, it’s been in the Carton family for over eight generations now

Our Rich History

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