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Chef Adrian

​Chef Adrian has teamed up with Manor Farm to create a range of delicious chicken recipes. Adrian Martin is an energetic and enthusiastic young Irish chef from County Cavan, Ireland, who brings to the table an exciting and invigorating passion to the cooking fore. Having discovered and developed his flair for all things cuisine from a very young age, Chef Adrian went on to train in some of Ireland’s most renowned restaurants including Neven Maguire’s MacNean House (where he worked for six years) and the Michelin Star Bon Appetite restaurant in Malahide.

About Manor Farm


From the hustle and bustle of the poultry market on Manor Street, in Dublin’s North Inner City, to the rich green pastures of County Cavan, we’ve been at the forefront of great tasting Irish chicken.

We’re proud of our poultry tradition, after all, it’s been in the Carton family for over eight generations now

Our Rich History

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